10 July 2007


I've been doing cloth diapers with Natalie since she was about 3 months old. Before that she was so skinny and I wasn't skilled enough to get them nice and snug to where all the lovely baby poop stayed in. Once she fattened up a bit, we were doing great. I enjoy not contributing to landfill space, except that we do use disposables at night and when we go out just because it's easier (not to mention the YMCA babysitting room has a big sign saying "Parents - Do not send children in cloth diapers!!"). Lately, Natalie has been the queen of pooping. We're talking upwards of 5 times a day. I just can't keep pace with the cloth diapers - we only have one bathroom which can make swishing poo cumbersome (Jim flips on the weekend if there's a poopy diaper soaking in the toilet and he has to go). And she's between diaper pants sizes, so the small ones don't always stay shut but the medium ones aren't as snug so they tend to get poo on them, requiring me to toss them in the diaper pail instead of reusing. Which means we're going through them really fast and I can't keep up with the laundry.

Like all my justification? I'm really torn, but I think I'm going to accept the fact that cloth diapering over the last 15months has definately saved us money and been good for the environment, and it's OK to hang up the poo swishing gloves. So it's disposables for us. Hopefully this freaky early potty training will take off and we won't be using them much longer anyway.

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