23 July 2007

Double crap

Um, finished HP7 last night. Oh well. Mother-in-law doesn't have to know next week that I'm reading it for the second time. Does that make me a true Harry Potter nerd? I don't think so, it's more something to do (reading it a 2nd time) than anything else. Still pretty nerdy, though.

And I've got a sick baby on my hands. No fun except for the fact that she wants to do a lot of cuddling. The most animated she's been all day is when we were sitting on the couch together watching sesame street and she pointed out some balloons with all the excitement she could muster. She didn't even flirt with the checkout boy at Trader Joes. At least she hasn't thrown up since yesterday afternoon and is taking lots of liquids and breastmilk, although not a lot of food.

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