07 July 2007


The trunk of my car broke. Something to do with the latch not locking or locking and not unlocking. Currently my trunk is not just unlocked, but a stiff wind would blow it wide open. Hope no one steals my gas can or the dingy fleece I keep there for winter emergencies. Or my tire iron. Now that would really suck. The other stuff is free for the taking. Just means I don't have to clean that crap out of there when it's time to sell it (hahahaha - it's looking more and more like we should just donate it and get the tax credit) later this summer.

The sad thing is that my trunk is where the stroller lived, since our wee little house has no entrance way or mudroom or foyer - imagine, what luxury if it did!! Now we have a stroller to trip over in front of the dining room table (a.k.a. in the passage between the living room and the kitchen that just happens to have a table shoved up against the wall in order to make room to pass by - not that we actually eat at said table, it just seems to be a place to collect piles of stuff). Figures. Nothing had broken for a while so it was time something went wrong. Better my car trunk than the A/C with a heat wave coming this week, eh?

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