13 July 2007

Sad day

Nothing like having your favorite take out place raided by the INS...While the people who owned the joint were obviously up to no good, the people arrested who worked there were nice and just trying to make a living. We (me, Jim, Natalie, most of our local friends except Kim, because she's a vegetarian) are all going to go through withdrawl if the place is closed for good. Seriously, they serve the best chicken EVER. And it was cheap. Dinner for two was a whole $7 and change.

Jim brought up a good point. If the owners were hiding assets upwards of $7 million, couldn't they have put a little of that into the restaurant? The place always has been a slightly skeevy whole in the wall (with a Zagut's rating, too). Which did make it fun the first time you took someone there to get take out. They would wonder why the hell were you getting food from such a dive, but once they ate their chicken, they totally understood.

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