12 July 2007


I put the ice cream back.

We were at the groccery and my favorite ice cream was on sale. So I grabbed a container of it. Then 2 minutes later, I retraced my steps and put it back on the shelf. Felt good, like I'm standing up to temptation, doing something good for myself, that sort of thing. Then I remembered we had fudge at home (a thank you for bird/house sitting while our neighbors were at the shore) and I had a package of cookies stashed in a dresser drawer. So I guess I still have issues - hiding food and all that. I've been picking at the fudge, but I decided to hide it in the freezer where it can get rock hard and you can't eat it right out of the box. As for the cookies, I guess I'll just eat them. Hahahahaha, perhaps if I can gather even more will power than what I used to put the ice cream back, the cookies will go in the trash. With a squirt of dish soap on top just to be sure.


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Mac's niece said...

Yay! well done! I am trying to curb the carbs at the moment, but it is very very hard.