09 August 2007

18 months old

Natalie, sweet Natalie, you are officially a year and a half old today! Crazy shit, if you ask me. Like always, I'm in shock at how fast you are growing. I held your friend's baby sister on monday, all 2 weeks old and 10lbs of her, and couldn't believe that you were SMALLER at that age. She was so soft and cuddly and just layed in my arms sleeping the morning away, while you and her big sister played together, held hands, and conversed in your little toddler babble language. 18 short months, and what changes. Amazing.

One of the biggest things lately is your vocabulary. Mamma and daddy really need to start watching their language because we really don't want you to start dropping the f-bomb anytime soon. You babble almost non-stop these days, and it seems like everyday is a new word. Hi, bye-bye, yes, no, night-night, mamma, daddy, woof, car, vroom, banana, yellow, blueberries, water, beach, meow, cow, moo, cracker, nose, eye, ear, hat, shoe, button, down, yougert, light, tweet, and a few more I know I'm forgetting. The really crazy thing is all that you understand even if you can't speak it yet.

You are still exhausting to care for, as your energy just explodes out of your little body all day long. But all that energy and joy is wonderful to watch. You eat non-stop, too. I've stopped planning my days around your meal times, and just feed you before we go out and make sure I've packed at least two snacks and something to drink. The good thing is that I've gotten better at wearing you out, which is hard in this heat and it's too oppressive to go outside. We've become pros at hanging out at the mall, something I haven't done as much of since I was in junior high and had fist fulls of babysitting money to spend on crap like really scary dangly earings and crazy socks.

I love you to pieces sweet Natalie, and I'm not the only one. You have so many other friends and family who are pulling for you and praying for the best.

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