27 August 2007

Another week

It's monday morning, Natalie is down for a nap already (that's what happens when you get up at 6:30am), I need to hit the gym and the groccery and be home in time for a 2pm work call (perfectly timed to coincide with Sesame Street's afternoon broadcast), then hopefully get the kiddo down for an afternoon nap. All the while nursing a headache I've had since yesterday afternoon. Scratch that, morning. I remember sitting in church wondering if I had any Advil in the car. The weather should be good this week, one of my good friends is moving from Chicago and will be living with another friend a mere 5min drive away. Psyched to see her wednesday and catch up. She's crazy busy, working as a stewardess and taking classes towards her nursing degree. I'm secretly hoping she can squeeze a little babysitting in for me now and then. Wednesday is also therapy (fun times of course). Friday is playgroup again. And then it's a three day weekend for labor day, with one, possibly two BBQs on the agenda.

All that to say I'm trying to stay positive. I still have so many things on that list of mine that it's easy to go in circles because I don't know what to start on first. Of course Jim has decided that now is a good time to pain the kitchen. He decided this not at 9am on Saturday morning when it would have been the perfect time to start the project and be finished by Sunday night. No, he decided this last night, so now it will take him all week and then some to finish. Trying not to let that get to me, but that boy frustrates me to no end these days. I just want to feel productive this week, and I don't know yet what is going to give me that satisfaction.

But before I jump into a project, I'm going to take a cue from Natalie and go take a nap.

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