20 August 2007


We're having a bit of a cold snap right now, at least for august. Highs are only in the mid-70s and I'm loving it. It's overcast, I can open windows, we don't need to run the A/C, and there is rain in the forcast for most of the week. Perfect weather for curling up with a good book and then falling asleep in the middle of the afternoon. We need this so bad, as we're in a drought and the plants are slowly withering away. I am also enjoying the break from the heat and humidity. It was so nice today to go do errands and not worry about getting them done before the heat of the day, or finding parking that's shaded. Nice also to wear jeans and a t-shirt instead of my usual shorts and a tank top. Nice to not be sweating the second I walk out the door. Sadly, it's supposed to be up to 90 on thursday, but for the next two days, I'm going to savor the chill in the air and try to relax as much as I can.

Natalie has her 18 month check up tomorrow! So excited to show her off at the doctor's office!!


Mac's niece said...

Hi! That French Toast sounds great... did your arborist friend resist?

Hope you had a great time when your parents visited... it's so nice to get a hand to get a few chores ticked off the list.

I'm just back from a week away in Ireland on a big family reunion. It was fun. Each time I meet the cousins-in-law I feel a little more integrated into the family. It was good to be away and take my mind off all that has been happening here since my friend died. I was thinking of you while I was away, and especially the way you are longing for cooler weather. How are your winters over there? Do they get cold? Do you knit? Fancy doing a scarf exchange for the winter months? Let me know your favoutite colours anyway... I'd like to knit one for you...

Katie said...

a scarf exchange would be fun! i'm a fairly novice crocheter and just finished a baby blanket for a friend (should post a picture - i'm proud of how nice and even it came out!) and was thinking i needed another yarn project to start up.

i have a cousin who is moving to ireland for a period while her husband takes a temporary position at his company's dublin office. i'm trying to figure out a way to get out there for a visit. sounds like it was a lovely vacation!!