30 August 2007


Just got home from the diner where my neighbor and I and the girls had breakfast. Yum. I haven't had a diner breakfast in so long. Those buttermilk pancakes have wrecked my blood sugar levels for the rest of the day, but I can't help but feel it was sort of worth it. So damn good. The girls had a blast easting together and we're so darn cute it was rediculous. Natalie is already in bed for a nap, and despite having an enormous diet Coke, I think I need a nap too.

Yesterday was therapy, and while I still feel shitty, I am feeling good that my therapist wants to send me to a psychiatrist who specializes in hormones/gynocological issues and the brain. Hopefully she will help a lot, and we can get my meds tweaked and try and figure out what's hormonal, what's chemical, and then once those two are figured out, we can work on the emotional issues.

And we've decided Natalie isn't babbling - she's speaking Swedish. I swear, she sounds like the Swedish chef. It's hysterical.

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Mac's niece said...

Hey!! I haven't thought about the Swedish Chef in ages - thanks for that memory , we loved the muppets in our family.

Glad to hear you have positive news and plans on the health front. I wish you all the best with that.

Thanks for the info on your scarf preferences - I am thinking hard, and have a couple of candidate yarns in mind.

As for me: I like purples and greens. I like a lightish scarf that I can wear doubled and still tuck into the front of a jacket or coat. I knitted myself a kid mohair scarf last year which was so light and fluffy and incredibly warm, it was great.

I'm thinking of a wool silk blend for you - trying to get hold of a locally hand dyed yarn so it is something unusual that you won't come across every day!! Like the steer on the earth tones... one place I know does great autumn colour blends.

My little chap started back to school today - he was anxious after so long a break, but settled right back in, and his new teacher for this year is really nice. The first words he said to me when I picked him up after school were: "it was fun, fun fun!"... ahh so cute.