15 August 2007

Good day

This morning was therapy, which is always a barrel of monkeys, and afterwards Natalie and I explored a new park (new to Natalie at least) and then hit a nearby store to pick up a wedding present for the shower I'm going to this weekend. Came home and played with my neighbor and her daughter and the girls were just cracking us up, especially Natalie who was walking around the dining room like a ghost with a bedsheet over her head, laughing hysterically. That child is crazy sometimes. But all the activity meant she went out like a light for her nap and I hope she stays out for at least a little while longer. Then it's off to the groccery. Woohoo! Don't you just envy my life?

Tomorrow my parents are coming for a visit. We have plans to be evil (so evil, you would say it's eeevil, like the fru-its of the deveeeel, eeevil). Bwahahaha...Jim doesn't know they are coming. They had planned to come out for a day sometime when they were at their bay house for a long spell, as they have a sandbox for Natalie that doesn't fit in our cars but fits in their SUV. Then I said, "Hmm, I could use your help if you come on a weekday!" So tomorrow we are moving furniture, I'm going to get my dad to hang some stuff that requires drywall screws, and a few other things like that. All stuff that would be like pulling teeth to get Jim to do/help with. He'll just come home to find I've done all this. He's probably not going to like it, but how much can he say with his in-laws right there? Especially after I put up with his mom for 2 weeks. Heh.

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