07 August 2007


It is so fucking hot out. Hit the high 90s today with insane humidity, and tomorrow they are saying it might break the record of 101. I feel really bad for the weatherman as I'm sure I'm not the only one tempted to leave flaming bags of dog poo on his front stoop.

Trying to determine where the coolest place around is and am then going to camp out there all day tomorrow. We hit the mall today, which used to be a fun outing, but now it's loosing its luster. Except that I see it as a good excuse to treat myself to some iced coffee. Thinking that one of my fav coffee shops has high ceilings and concrete floors and would probably be pretty cold, especially if I treated myself to one of their delish salads and some iced tea for lunch. Mmmm, and there's a creamery next door where I can get ice cream if I'm still swealtering afterwards.

5 more days with the mother in law - she visited some family in Delaware today so it was kind of nice to have a day just me and Natalie. But I'm determined to make the most of her visit and get a lot done this week while I have her to babysit, including taking some time out for myself, alone. Heavenly.

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