17 August 2007

Pet Peeve

We need two of our trees trimmed - the odd shaped cherry tree in the front is desperate for a big cutting back, and the dogwood on the side of the house is half dead (fingers crossed it doesn't have the dogwood disease that's native to this area). Good news is we have a friend who is a licensed arborist, and he and his outdoorsy wife are coming over tomorrow morning to take care of our trees. For the enormous cost of $30, which is how much I spent at the groccery to put together a nice brunch for all of us when they are done. That's all the payment they would take. I think we'll keep them as friends.

The bad news is, our friend is totally a guy's guy, and he announces to me on the phone that he just started the South Beach diet and so he's really only eating meat and vegetables these days. So while (a) he's cutting our trees for free, (b) I eat low-carb myself and (c) I had a reasonably healthy brunch planned of whole wheat french toast with berries, sausages, coffee, and low sugar OJ, I had to go and rethink what I was going to make.

I first thought, no biggee, I'll just make a crustless quiche. So really, his dietary restrictions aren't that big of a deal. There's just something about saying, "This day is a good day to do that favor for you, but I'm on a diet so you have to cook according to my specifications." Maybe it's because I've been dieting and trying to do low carb/sugar free for so long and have never felt the need (or wanted) to announce my dietary habits to my host. They probably notice when I take a hamburger but no bun and pass on dessert (or offer to bring something that I make sugar free myself), but maybe not.

I really had my heart set on the french toast. I make wicked french toast - the trick is cinnamon and vanilla in your egg and milk mixture. And I had just made a quiche for dinner earlier this week. So I decided to say fuck it and we'll all have french toast as planned (I have a nice big loaf of organic, un-sliced whole wheat waiting for it), and I'll just whip up an omlette for the arborist. And if he gets pissy about being on a diet and watching people eat tastier food, too bad. Welcome to my world.

(Really, I'm not a mean person. This is just irking me and I had to get it out!)

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