20 August 2007


My crochet skills are slowly improving. I can now crochet in neat, even rows, and make something four sided with actual 90 degree angles. Impressive, I know. My friend is due with her first baby, a girl, in about 2 more months. Her shower is next weekend, so the fact that I finished this blanket with a week to spare is impressive (the last baby blanket I made I was up the night before trying to iron it out so it wasn't so wonky looking). If I have time, I might even whip up a little matching hat, too. She's having a girl, but I didn't know this at the time, so I started with nice neutral colors and girlied it up a bit by weaving a ribbon around the edges (if it turned out to be a boy I would have used a blue ribbon, no bows). I originally was going for lavender, but feel in love with the celery green with polka-dots. I'm a sucker for anything grosgrain.

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