28 August 2007

Time flies

Yesterday was the first day of school in our county, and Natalie was loving seeing all the buses driving around full of children. Crazy how fast the summer has gone by. I guess because my mom is a teacher, I still think of the year as broken up by the school year. There's just something about when school starts and feeling like summer is officially over, no matter how warm it still is. And summer didn't officially start till the kids were out running around the neighborhood enjoying their freedom all day long. Another thing I realized is that college football season is also a major marker in my year. I grew up in a house with two parents who had graduated from the University of Michigan, and we spent every single Saturday watching games, with me rolling my eyes at my parents who were screaming at the refs and coaches like they were on the sidelines instead of in our family room. So the thought that this Saturday we'll be hunkering down in front of the TV to watch Jim's alma mater play in their first official game of the season blows my mind. Can't believe it's football season already. Then it's going to be Kim's wedding at the end of September, the halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, and before you know it we'll be planning Natalie's 2nd birthday party. Insane.

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pj said...

Hi, Sorry this is totally off topic. I followed you here from MM's place & Nick Frost is not far off for BB. You can see for yourself, check out "The ones everyone asks about" scroll down to BB turns 40 ... there are pictures. Nick + a few lbs.= nearly BB. pj