05 September 2007

Bad mamma

Natalie has officially started peanut butter. I'm sure some parents will say I might as well just stab her in the heart with a rusty knife. Peanut butter has become so demonized in our American society. Not that I'm saying peanut allergies are something to take lightly - one of my best friends is allergic and all her friends know she keeps an epi-pen in her purse and we all sort of know how to use it if we ever (knock on wood) have to. The advice to parents is not to give peanut butter to children till they are at least 3 years old. But the small print that nobody tells you is that this advice applies to children that are high risk. Well, Natalie is not high risk. We have no food allergies in either of our families, and no allergies at all except Jim's one for cats (which isn't that bad, they just make him sneeze a lot - I think it's more because he just doesn't like cats). So I gave her peanut butter. She thought it was the greatest thing since strawberries. I was at a loss for things to give her that would fill her up. She already has protein at most every meal, and snacks on cheese at least once a day. She'd graze on crackers and cheerios all the time if I let her, so my thought process said maybe she'd stop grazing if she had a more filling snack of crackers and peanut butter first. I eat natural peanut butter - the kind where the ingredients label says "peanuts, salt." Jim thinks it's nasty, I read the label a few years back on a jar of his Jif and that skeeved me out. All the chemicals and partially hydroginated stuff is just wrong. Natalie will just have to learn to like natural peanut butter. I take that back - she already loves it. Can't wait to get my first dirty look by another mom at the park or something when they notice what I'm feeding her. Oh well. I'll probably let her get a tattoo whenever she wants, too.

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