25 September 2007


Beyond the 4am wakeup by someone who wanted "roo-roo*? pees? couch? mamma? pees? pees? dis? couch? roo-roo?" till 5:30, the day re-started around 8 and was going well through lunch time. We met a friend at her house and from there pushed strollers into the little town nearby, got coffee, played on the playground, went to the consignment shop, made friend jealous because there were some seriously cute girl clothes and she only found a preppy little sweater vest for her son. Then to the mommy consignment shop where I actually for the first time ever found something - a J. Jill quilted corderoy jacket in sage green for $22 (I think I never find anything there because the clothes consigned in my gigantic size are from frumpy old ladies). Then back up and down the neighborhood hills to my friends house, where we played with Veronica the mutt who is the sweetest dog in the world (and I am not a dog person). Natalie was exhausted and went down for a two hour nap. And somehow, during those two hours, my mood did a 180 and I have no idea why. I'm in such a funk now, and was so drained all afternoon, emotionally and physically, I just want to cry.

And that is why I'm so fucking excited for my appointment in a week and a half with the shrink who specializes in issues of the head in relation to hormones. I'm so curious to see what she has to say. I'm hopeful good comes out of it, but I'm also scared that I'm going to be told "sorry, you're fine, stop eating the chocolate and work out two hours a day and you'll lose the weight and feel better." Fingers crossed.

*Roo-roo = Nursing. Don't ask.

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Jen said...

I love that she calls nursing "roo-roo". Mine never had a cute name for it which is kinda disappointing.

I have a friend whose daughter calls nursing "yippees". "I want yippees!", she says. That would make me laugh every time.