19 September 2007

Losing my mind

Natalie decided to get up at 3:30 this morning. After two hours of cajoling and cuddling and reading, I gave up and fed her breakfast, which she ate entirely with much aplomb. Finally got her back down around 7, only to have her up by 8:45. Which sucked, as I had hoped to sneak a shower in before she woke, so I had to take her in the shower with me, which takes away the fun of using my sea salt exfoliator and standing under the steaming hot water till my skin turns red. She used to just play in the bathroom while I took a quicky, but one day she decided to try and climb in with me (fully dressed of course), and from then on, if she's awake and I need a shower, she has to be in there with me. Then we went to music class at 10, only to find out I had signed up for the 9am class. Opps. Yup, that's me, the idiot mom. Thank goodness the teacher was kind and didn't mind one bet, especially as Natalie was by far the cutest and most engaging child there (I'm not making that up - most of the other kids just sat like lumps in their parental laps).

Fast forward to tonight. After the electritian was here installing the new downstairs bathroom exhaust fan (after Jim spent all weekend redoing the duct work for it) yesterday, today we had the appliance repair guy here to fix the kitchen exhaust fan (got it apart to find more to the job than expected so he has to go reorder parts) and currently Jim is up in the attic with Carlos the HVAC guy. $400 from now we will have a new motor, but he has to come back soon for $700 because the coils and some sort of internal filter are so dirty and moldy and narsty they need to be removed and acid washed and then put back in. Great. And while all this is going on, I spent 45 minutes trying to get Natalie to a place where I could put her down without her screaming bloody murder. I swear she's sit in my lap and read books forever, which is kinda nice, but far from realistic. 12 minutes of banshee level screaming later, she's sacked out. Duh, she's exhausted from her 3:30am wake up earlier. Why the fight?

So I'm delerious, was hoping to finish sewing something tonight but I don't think I could walk a straight line, let alone stitch something evenly. Tomorrow there is nothing planned except a trip to the Y, and friday is more of the same, except Lara the sweetest babysitter ever is coming and I'm going to get a hair cut. Off. All of it. Like 10-12 inches. I think this is some sort of mid-life crisis 10 years early. As if the hot flashers weren't enough.

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