24 September 2007


I should just quit blogging and put up a big sign that says "Go here now."Quote from today: "...Most days with a toddler are the emotional equivalent of running over your skull with a car."

Natalie did not take a nap on saturday, despite spending all day surrounded by the glory and the insanity that is Hersheypark (free tickets from Jim's work). Not even in the car on the ride home, which meant her dinner was animal crackers since I hadn't packed dinner, assuming she'd be so pooped she'd sleep the whole way home, and when we got there, I'd give her a light dinner, play a bit, and then put her down for the night. Sunday: No nap. She did play in her crib for almost an hour, but then stupid stupid me thought the quiet eminating from her room meant she was asleep, instead it meant she was laying there playing with her toes. So when I stuck my head in to check on her, she saw me, and the screaming started. And if two days of high energy and no nap weren't enough, today she decided 5:12am was a good time to get up. No amount of nursing or stories or looking outside at the pitch dark neighborhood helped. Did you know there is an airing of Sesame Street on at 5:30am? Thank God, as I had to throw in the towel.

Thankfully the day got better as we met some mommies and babies for coffee/breakfast and a walk, followed by a trip to the groccery, which so tired the little creature out she slept for just over 3 hours (I slept for an hour and a half then ate a bowl of cereal for lunch, by myself, on the couch, while watching a CSI: Miami rerun). Afterwards we did some errands - which included some sale rack shopping - came home and played across the street with friends and then called it a day. The only thing is, I've got to stop this shopping thing. You can see the course of my moods on the credit card statement - the bad weeks where I'd give my left leg for chocolate fudge, are the ones where I've spent money on things we only sort of need in an effort to not eat my emotions. I spend them instead. Oh well. So now Natalie has some new socks and a hat to wear this weekend (since it will be chilly in the evenings when we're in NY) and I've got a new hoodie (old ones are too teeny for my gargantuan body) and two new tees. Nothing fancy, but they will look fun when it gets cooler and I can use them for layering.

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Jen said...

Katie, why does no one comment on your blog?! Wow, I wish you lived here or I lived there, you sound like a great person to hang out with!

I too (heart) Dooce and I thought that Heather's recent explanation of what it feels like to become a mother was so spot-on. It actually made me cry while I was sitting there gesticulating at the computer saying "Yes, YES!". I'm glad that someone put it out there to the masses like she did.

I came across your blog via Am who contributes to the breastfeeding with PCOS site. While I don't have PCOS my breastfeeding story is nearly identical to yours and it's really great to find out that there is someone else out there who was just as stubborn at making it work.

Look forward to reading more, got you on RSS feed now. :)