09 September 2007


Cost to diagnose our A/C problem (massively burned out motor and a crappy attic fan on its last leg): $85

Cost for two used A/C window units found on craigslist: $130

One speeding ticket, given to Jim, going 83 in a 55, while trying to get home from East Bumblefuck, VA where one of the units was: at least $150

Gas to go 100+ miles round trip to East Bumblefuck: $15

Total cost: $380

Cost to just repair the damn things: $120 more

So total spent on box units and gas and speeding tickets, not to mention the stretch on my sanity this whole damn thing will cost once the A/C is fixed: $880

If I strangled my husband and pleaded insanity, would the courts take my side? I think so, especially as the air conditioning debacle is on top of the $900 he dropped earlier in the week on a digital camera for his photo business he thinks he's going to start on the side. Meanwhile, I'm driving around in my 14 year old car that currently has a busted radio. Bitter? No, not me. Never. Uh-huh.

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