10 October 2007

20 months

Natalie, yesterday you turned 20 months old. It's been absolutely crazy lately, and I can't say I've been loving every minute of it. You drive me up a wall the way you can't sit still ever, they way your favorite game is still "climb on mommy." But you are so precious to me and your daddy. We love you more and more every single day. You are getting really smart too, and it seems like you are learning a new word every day. Yesterday it was nostral and neck. You pointed out your friend Timothy's house when we pulled up for his mommy to watch you while I went to the doctor. "Tee-too!" you said. This is a new name for Timothy. Untill recently, only one of your friends had a name. Now it's Tee-too and Ry-ry and Amieeee and Ru-re and Meh-meh.* It gives me so much pleasure to watch you park yourself on your bedroom floor and pull book after book off the shelf to read to yourself. It makes me excited to see what you'll be like in just another month. I love you sweet Natalie, so very very much.

*In English, that's Timothy, Ryan, Amie, Ruby, and Megan.

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