03 October 2007


What the hell is up with the weather here on the east coast? Natalie's closet is overflowing as I am slowly amassing a fall/winter wardrobe for her full of corderous and sweaters and long sleeves and such (we hit the consignment shop AGAIN today - I can't help myself, shopping there is like a treasure hunt!), but I just saw on the noon news that this weekend is supposed to get up in the mid 80's!!! I can't handle that!! So I guess my plan to put away some shorts and capris and all isn't going to happen this afternoon. This past weekend was awesome. Everyone was freezing (especially my stick figure sister-in-law), and I was walking around in a t-shirt, jeans, and flip flops. Oh well. At least it's October and time to break out the jet black nail polish. Perhaps a pedicure is in my future during Natalie's nap today. With this warm weather, at least I can still show off my cute toes.

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