02 October 2007

Back to reality

We survived! 7+ hours in the car (that includes a few stops) on friday, a baby with croupe in a house with 3 other adults besides mommy and daddy, a totally non-babyproofed house with a deck going straight into 8 feet of water, a fabulous wedding and reception, and then another 7+ hours in the car on sunday. Sunday's trip went much faster, maybe because Natalie slept the first 2 hours, and we took over an hour for lunch and hit a playground as well. I think we did the trip back in just under 6 hours of actual driving.

The wedding was awesome. So happy for Kim and Brian - they are perfect together and it was kind of wierd seeing them getting married, as it seems like they've been that way for ages they are so comfortable together. We saw friends from out of town that flew in for it which was fun, and the reception was a blast at a gorgeous vinyard/winery up on a hill overlooking the lake. Natalie was a champ going strong on minimal sleep. We did get to bum around the little town near where we stayed, but I wish I had gotten some quiet time to myself out on the deck in the cool autumn sun. Oh well.

We used to vacation up at this lake when I was younger - we went for 4-5 summers straight and I know a few times my parents dropped me off at college and then headed up there for a long weekend before my mom's school started classes. Jim had been to one of the other finger lakes before, but it was a long time ago. I think I have him convinced that this would be a nice place to spend a long weekend, an actual vacation. Hopefully we actually do it.

In the meantime, it's back to work for both Jim and I, I've got my fingers crossed that there is nothing pressing in my email and I can kick back a little today. There is laundry to do, grocery shopping, dinner to cook, and still some unpacking to do. Vacation is definitely over.

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Jen said...

welcome home! glad you had a good time getting away. :)