15 October 2007

Blog action day

Woohoo! Go earth!

Ok, so I was a dork way back in junior high who won a poster contest celebrating the 20th anniversary of earth day. Got a cool t-shirt. I used to also shop at the body shop before it became a staple at malls across America. I think I may still have their endangered species socks, but their reduce, reuse, recycle boxers are long gone. I've always recycled, mom was the only composter in the neighborhood, and we didn't get a dryer till I was in college. People wondered why I never took laundry home over breaks, and it was because it was so much easier doing it in the dorms with a clothes dryer than having to hang it out on the line at home.

I wouln't say I'm a crazy green fanatic, but so many "green" things to do that are kind of trendy now are sensible. I'm a lover of logic and efficiency and am just a wee bit anal retentive. Switching to the new flouresent bulbs just makes sense - you save money, they give off less heat, and they last longer. Duh, this is a no brainer. I've always turned off the water while brushing my teeth and while loading the dishwasher. So it's good to conserve. It also saves money. I bring my own canvas groccery bags. I walk whenever I can. We cloth diapered for the first 17months of Natalie's life (until her poop outlet became more than I could keep up with). Maybe it's my frugality that is at the bottom of all my "green" activites. But not all of it. It goes beyond just being good to the earth.

I'm really against mass consumerism and this "gotta have it" society we live in. Maybe it was becoming a parent and having so much stuff pushed at you, like your baby was going to turn into a dunce and never make it into community college if you didn't get X, Y, and Z. And the way advertisers lay on the guilt about bad parents who don't do this or that for their children and need their product to be a good parent. I shop consignment for most all of Natalie's clothes and even toys. We have 3 great consignment shops around here. Besides it being kind of a sport - finding great deals on clothes/brands that you know you'd never spend the money on retail priced versions, but for $2? Heck yea!- it feels good to not be buying into the big name stores and their flashy advertising and all, not to mention it's way cheaper.

There you have it. I'm definately more green than many, but in some ways not as green as I'd like (I'm dying to put solar panals on my south facing roof, but have you seen how expensive that is to install? We're already on a tight budget). I'm proud that some of my green habits have rubbed off on my husband, and I hope more do in the future. I'm also glad that my daughter is growing up in an era where she may be thought of as having a cool earthy mom for hanging clothes on a line, instead of being the dorky kid whose parents couldn't afford a clothes dryer.


Mac's niece said...

It's great that our kids will have our good attitudes to the environment, isn't it? Today my little chap saw an advert for packaged smoothies. He said "Mummy, we can make those, can't we?" to which I (of course) said yes. He then said "we must do that from now on then we won't waste any plastic will we?". I was so pleased and impressed.

Happy blog action day!

Katie said...

that's great that he said that! how perceptive. it is wonderful that the world our children will grow up in is going to be much more receptive to this attitude instead of against it.

Mac's niece said...

Hi. Thnks for your message about my beaded cards. I do use beads quite a lot for embellishing things I have knitted or sewn, and I also make phone charms and small items of jewellry. If your friend had any spare beads, I'd love them... thank you for thinking of me. Your scarf is coming along well. I hope to get a decent run at it tonight. You'll have to email me your postal address sometime soon.