04 October 2007


I figured out how to post some links to blogs I read frequently. There's a mish-mash of stuff there, some mommy or parenting blogs, others just good writing, some infertility ones and PCOS related sites, others are a combination of some collection of above. Some I've been reading for ages, others I've only recently discovered (Hi, Nichole and Jen!). I started reading some of the infertility blogs back when I was newly married, knowing it would take effort to get me pregnant, and itching to just start trying so we could find out for sure if we'd be doing this in my womb or adopting from someone elses. I also worked for 4.5 years in an office that never gave me enough to keep busy, so between bursts of productivity, there was a lot of downtime I spent surfing the web. Through it all, these are the sites I keep coming back to. Enjoy.


Jen said...

Hey, thanks for the link! :D

Mac's niece said...

Hi! I like the new look to your blog, and thank you for linking to me.