21 October 2007

Ketchup and relish

So much to think about, so much to do, not sure where to start.

1) thoughts on the new meds as I have a check up with the new doc on wednesday
2) will I make it through the 10 days my neighbor/current best friend is out of town?
3) it's half way between when I made my "things to do before I turn 30 list" and when I actually turn 30 - have I even come close to any of them?
4) alumni weekend - not all I had hoped, and why do I still hold out certain hopes?

And on top of all that, my mother in law will be here tues-wed and then next week mon-wed. The inbetween time will be spent at a spiritial retreat with my sister in law. Part of that retreat is giving the go-er (MIL - SIL is working the retreat) letters from friends and family expressing how we all feel about her and what a great person she is. Problem is, I still don't really have a relationship with this woman whom I've only ever been in the same state as a handful of times in the 6 years since Jim and I started dating. Not to mention that I couldn't be more different than her daughter and I always feel like I'm being compared to my sister in law, and the fact that I'm not in the best of places with her son/my husband these days, so anything I came up with to write about seemed so fake and untrue. Oh well. So I made her letter up. What kills me is that she will have no clue and will thank me profusely for the kind words I said. Blech. Why is there so much conflict in my head?

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