11 October 2007


Yesterday I went to the new shrink. It was the best thing I have done for myself in who knows how long. Everything she said, everything I described, there was a reason behind it. Turns out some of the apathy I feel often is due to the zoloft. And being hot all the time? That's zoloft too. We're switching me to cymbalta, which I try not to laugh about because that's the drug that has really cheesy commercials with this overly dramatic music. I also now have in my chart by a medical professional that I suffer from major depressive disorder. It is so damn freeing to know that all these things I've been dealing with and feeling guilty about? They aren't my fault. There really truly is something chemically wrong in my head and it's OK because I have a doctor who is going to be proactive about getting things straight up there. She also takes a holistic approach to her practice, and will be getting in contact with my gynocologist and my endocrinologist before I see her again in two weeks. She wants to make sure we're approaching this from all angles. She hopes to increas my thyroid meds and smidge and perhaps start me on metformin/glucophage for PCOS and insulin resistance control. And she was pleased with the amount I work out, but my orders are to just get out and walk for 40 minutes 4 times a week. She said not to change my clothes or make an ordeal out of it if I don't want to, but to just get out. I'm loving her already. This is going to be a really good step. I'm hoping this is the lowest I'll be for a long time, if not forever. It's all uphill.


Mac's niece said...

Hey, that is all great news... sound like you have found justthe right kind of professional help for you. I am so pleased for you, and hope you are going to start feeling a lot better really soon.


Katie said...

thanks - it was such a big step and i feel so much better just knowing things are really going to be getting better soon.