08 October 2007

Rough week

Sunday - come home from the gym to find Jim feeding Natalie day-glo mac'n'cheese and vienna freakin' sausages for dinner. Am revolted, but not sure what to say since at least he was taking the initiative to notice she was hungry and feed her.

Monday - not sure what's on tap for today, but my neighbor is home from her week vacation, so hopefully we can get the girls together and have some mommy bonding and kvetching time. My whole body aches so while I know I *should* go to the gym, I don't wanna.

Tuesday - annual exam at the gynos. Fun! Will discuss all the usual issues plus the fun that is coming up on wednesday. Thunderstorms scheduled for this evening, which should break this ungodly heatwave we've been having. 90 degrees in october? So wrong.

Wednesday - music class, then drop Natalie off at my friends house to play while I go to the new shrink for the first time. Not sure if I'm looking forward to going over all the gory details with a new person, but am looking forward to the fact that she specializes in the relationship between hormones and depression, so I may be a poster child for her practice. Supposedly have an afternoon date with two friends to go for a walk, but who knows what state I'll be in or if I want to be around people.

Thursday - appointment with my regular shrink (not actually a shrink but a non-prescribing therapist) to discuss tuesday and wednesday's appointments and see where our relationship is going to go in light of recent events.

Friday - nothing yet, will probably go to gym out of guilt for not going the rest of the week.

Saturday - heading out to mom and dad's house on the bay for the day. Already looking forward to the kick ass milkshakes served at our favorite roadside produce stand along the way.

I thought maybe someone's eye rubbing and yawning meant she might make this a two nap day, but based on the tone of warbling coming from the next room, I don't think so. Damn.

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