26 October 2007


We are changing up my meds. I'm down to half a dose of zoloft and double the cymbalta that we started with 2 weeks ago. I think that, plus a few days of rainy weather, has been enough to make me feel thoroughly shitty. On the plus side, new doc says when I see her again in 2 weeks, I should definately be feeling an improvement. Hope is on the horizon, but I just need to survive another day. Thank goodness my lovely babysitter is here this morning, and now that I have finished editing something and sent it off for comments, I'm going to go do errands. By myself. Shopping is a pain with a toddler sometimes, and any sort of errands in the rain with a toddler just sucks. I must find a halfway decent pair of pants I can wear to church, and maybe a twinset or something for on top that isn't a t-shirt or a buttondown shirt that no longer buttons across my wide personage. Hopefully the meds will kick everything into gear in my head and the weight issues will start to be more manageable. I really want to fit back into my kicky wide leg tweed trousers this winter. They will look smashing with the rediculous red patent leather peep toe pumps I got to wear to my friend's wedding last month.

I'm also going to hit the fabric store. That place is like a crack house to me. I've got a coupon and somebody little needs a christmas dress!


Jen said...

My thrift store turned into a crack house for me this evening.

Someone must have passed away who had a good eye for colors and a taste for natural yarns.

Her family donated her stash to the thrift store.

Whoa nellie.

Katie said...

man, i scored big too. classicly sweet plaid christmas dress with preppy little scottie dogs on it. one of my pricier consignment purchases at $12. also got her a hooded sweater with tassles on the hood for $4 and a corderoy shirt dress for $6. woohoo!

yarn at a thrift store? good thing i haven't seen any of that around here, i think i'd have a serious problem if i did :)