09 November 2007

21 Months

Sweet little Natalie, you are officially 21 months old today. Not really a milestone month, but man, you are growing in leaps and bounds these days. Not really getting much bigger, but the words that come out of your mouth astond me and your daddy. You are a voracious "reader" who has taken to going to bed each night with no less than 7 books in bed with you. It also helps that I can get you to bed by suggesting, after I've read a book at least twice, that maybe your animals would like you to read it to them. You love this idea and enjoy being tucked in with your books and surrounded by your little stuffed friends as an audience. Actually, so long as you have an audience, you are in top form. Fortunately this makes going to social events with you a breeze. You do your darndest to engage people in conversation, flirt, dance, and make people laugh. Forget sitting and cuddling, the only time you do that I know you must be twelve kinds of tired.

We went to so many pumpkin patches in the past month I was really getting tired of all the dirt and dust and allergies every time. But you loved each and every one, seeing all the farm animals and other children fascinated you to no end. You picked out "pumpums" all over the place, pointing them out with such joy and excitement every time you saw one. You seem to love pumpkin's so much I figured we'll keep up the festive fall display on the dinning room table with a couple little one's just for you.

Another of your latest obsessions is your alphabet puzzle. What scares us is how good you were at it out of the blue. All of a sudden you started putting pieces in the right spaces instead of whinning till mommy or daddy did it for you. You love letters and pointing them out wherever we are. However, you really only know "e" and "y" and sometimes "a." That's ok, as much as early reading is cool, we're not in any rush for you to grow up that much quite yet. We love you sweet Natalie, the most fabulous thing to come into our lives ever.

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