21 November 2007

Bad news

I did NOT get carded at the liquor store tonight. So sad.

Badder news, Natalie is fighting off a cold or something. Hopefully it's just croupe; we did some steam treatments last night and today which helped and she doesn't have a fever and is in good spirits.

But good news, which I feel bad for enjoying, when she's sick, she's extra cuddly and I could sit up all night rocking with her under a fuzzy blanket if that's what it takes for her to sleep comfortably. Nothing like a warm little toddler body curled in your lap, especially that of a toddler who Never Sits Still. Ever.


Adam said...

Hey Katie, I like your style of writing. Check mine at http://logic-life.blogspot.com/. Happy Thanksgiving.

Mac's niece said...

Happy Thanksgiving!