13 November 2007

Day 13

All these stories so far have been about my dad's side of the family, leaving just my dad and his brother. My uncle, Bruce, is the cool one. They are five years apart (my dad is older), but Bruce never married, left the nest for further away, was always the fun one. Bruce is the one I could always talk to about school, boys, music, movies, whatever. He coaches swiming and has had kids go to the Olympic trials before. He's also worked as a travel agent and traveled a lot. Now he's in travel marketing for a big media conglomerate. He's come a long way. Last year he got Jim and I ipod's for a Christmas/birthdays/belated wedding gift. He was struggling when we got married and I think just slipped ups $50 cash for our honeymoon during the reception. Evidently the fact that he couldn't do more bugged him, so one day these ipod's appeared from the FedEx man. Our family is not one to do grand gestures, so while it was fucking awesome to get an ipod for a gift, it really means so much more.

The other fun thing about Bruce? We* think he may be gay. Curious in our evangelical uptight prudish family. Back in his travel agent days, he had this friend...they always traveled together. When he moved even further away to take the job he has now, he became friends with this other guy, Sam. They supposedly do everything together. Travel, hang out, whatever. Sam isn't married either. Bruce also has the stereotypically gay fantastic taste in decorating (he's remodling his condo and is using italian river rocks for the interior of his shower, hello, straight guys don't think of this) and he's always been the best dressed, even in his heavier days. This is something I KNOW he didn't get from any other member of his family (ok, grandpa in his youth probably had some style), especially not his older brother. My dad dresses like a dad and has since he was 12. There are so many other subtle things that make us suspect it. We wonder if Bruce will come out when grandma and grandpa are dead and gone...

Can you tell my family doesn't know about my blog? Ha!

* "we" is me and Jim :)


Jen said...

honey, my gaydar was tripping when you said his name was Bruce.

Hm... swimmer? Travel agent? (I was waiting for "flight attendant", too.) Constant male companionship? Impeccable taste in design and clothing? dingdingdingdingding!

Evangelical uptight prudish families all have a gay uncle. That's nature for you. Just makes it harder to be who you are. I'm glad he's got some fans among his relatives!

Good on him that he's doing so well for himself and sharing it with his family!!

Katie said...

hahahaha! your comment cracks me up :) swimmer isn't such a red flag since i come from a long line of swimmers (myself included). mostly the decorating and "best friend" are what we are most suspicious of. I think my parents would be HORRIFIED if he came out, while Jim and I would crack up, yell "TOLD YOU SO!" and go back to normal. whatever, we love him either way. and natalie? she's got a HUGE crush on him. so cute :)