15 November 2007

Day 15

It's rainy, dreary, I want to nap, but I have 41 more pages to edit by the end of the day. Thank goodness my mother's helper comes this afternoon - nothing like a little accountability to make you get things done. I also plan on skipping out for a few while she's here because errands + toddler + rain = suckiness.

Natalie got rain boots yesterday - timing couldn't have been more perfect - and she's obsessed with them. They are green and I think are supposed to be frogs. She was so bummed there were no puddles to stomp in yesterday, but was thrilled to try them out today. That was after I wrestled her into clothes. She didn't seem to understand that it was a little too wet and chilly to go out today naked like she prefers at home. She spent much of the morning in just a diaper and her new boots. Seriously, I don't think she could have looked cuter.

Tomorrow we switch gears and start on mom's side. The "fun" side, a.k.a. "the reason I'm in therapy" side.

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