20 November 2007

Day 20

Mom's mom, Olga, also known as Busia (Polish for grandmother) - wait, her name is actually Alexandria, but for some unknown reason she was given the horrid nickname Olga - grew up the daughter of Polish immigrants. She didn't speak English till she started school, and she started a year later because she was small and they didn't want her walking to kndergarten in the Detroit winters. Later she skipped a year so it all evened out. She had four brothers and one sister. Growing up, when her parents went out, Busia's mother (my great grandmother) would lock up her brother's clothes and make them wear dresses. That way she knew they wouldn't be sneaking out of the house while their parents were away. Evidently great grandma was fiesty, spoke perfect English, but made her children and grandchildren all speak to her in Polish. I only know about 5 words in Polish, which is a shame considering Busia lived with us for 11 years. Oh, I hadn't mentioned she lived with us yet? That's the main reason I'm in therapy and we'll get to that in another post.

As for Busia's siblings, I met most of them, I think. Aunt Jenny shared the other half of a duplex with Busia in the late 70's/early 80's. Aunt Jenny was a little wacky. My dad remembers her trying to feed him a peanut butter and avocado sandwich from the avocado plant she had growing in her kitchen. Busia's brothers all worked for the automotive industry at one point or another (who didn't in Detroit in that era?). Two were marines. All that's left are two spouses, Aunt Lorraine who is ancient, FIESTY (swears like a sailor), and lives with her daughter and great granddaughter on a farm, and Aunt Betty, who is just ancient and somehow still hanging in there. Lorraine and Betty were kind of outcasts as they were *gasp* GERMAN girls marrying into the family. Somehow I find this funny that they are the only ones left. Yes, I have a sick sense of humor.

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