25 November 2007

Day 25

I feel I should explain last night's post a little more...Headache: wierd weather patterns moving in plus time of month always make my head ache. Today my sinus's were all swollen, so I hope it's not a sinus infection in the making.

Body sore: Jim borrowed a pick-up truck from work and I helped him load it up with over 600lbs of junk and crap from our shed and yard. All things we inherited when we bought the house. Like a rusted out industrial sink. A bucket of car jacks. A box of rusty nails. Bags of cement mix that had been left outside to solidify. A trash can full of used bathroom tiles. We've only made a dent in the crap with 3 trips to the dump, and there are at least 4-5 more trips to be made. So at least 2 more weekend with a pick-up truck and lots of heavy lifting.

Passive aggressive sister-in-law: no idea how to sum this one up, except that my plans for a nice dinner in front of a rented movie with Jim were ruined because of her commitment to not commit to anything, meaning she and her cousin (Jim's cousin too who she hogged for the day), didn't show up till it was time to start prepping dinner, I didn't have enough for four, so I thought I'd wait to cook till they left, which didn't happen for 2.5 hours. We had frozen burritos instead. Not as nice. Turns out we rented the wrong movie anyway, so the night was a total bust. I did have a hard cider and it went straight to my knees. Yum.

Tomorrow starts a new week, the last of November, and Jim is back to work. Nice having him around for 4 days, but at the same time, it is more like 4 days where Natalie and my schedules get just enough off that by today, we're pooped in 12 kinds of ways. Looking forward to a little routine again.

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