27 November 2007

Day 27

I think the only person I haven't introduced here is my brother. Sure, there are great uncles and 2nd cousins and others, but they aren't people I know and few I've even met. My brother is six years younger than me, so young enough that we fought almost our entire growing up, but by the time I went off to college, he was starting to be human and we started being friends. When he went off to college, I made sure I was the cool big sister who went big boxes of cookies for his whole dorm and other goodies. I even had one of his friends grab the phone from him when we were talking to tell me that I made the best damn peanut butter cookies in the whole world, even better than this kid's mom.

Tim is a good kid. However, he's gotten mixed up with some bad girls. Not bad in the law-breaker kind of way, just bad in the way a big-sister doesn't want her little brother getting mixed up with girls like this. Needy, high maintenance, controlling, manipulative girls. You know the type. Supposedly he even proposed to his latest girlfriend, but we think they broke up. We're not idiots, we know how to look up people on myspace and she's listed herself as single for the past few months. Tim won't tell us, we think he's embarassed by how he's behaved. Oh yea, and the fact that he pretty mush
disowned his entire family from college graduation till a few months ago. He's only just starting to become human again, occasionally calling me and my parents just to chat, actually coming to visit for 10 days over my grandfather's birthday. Last time I saw him, I was 8 months pregnant. He's never met Natalie.

Part of the problem is that he's wicked smart (he's an aerospace engineer for the Air Force), but really dumb when it comes to common sense. He really is a good kid who has worked hard at school, sports (made it to states in high school for swimming), is reasonably well liked, and has turned out pretty cute (not to mention that swimmers lean muscular body that always had the girls at the pool where he lifeguarded swooning). I think he'll grow up just fine, I think a lot of what is going on is that he's a 23 YEAR OLD BOY. Explains so much.

I thought I'd throw this one in for comparison's sake. This is grandpa in his navy days. Anyone see a resemblance? My brother denies it, but there is no doubt we are all part of the same family.

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