28 November 2007

Day 28

Some random facts as we wrap up NaBloPoMo:

My mom once dated two guys named Mark at the same time.

My dad went to high school with Anna Quindlen. She was the year behind him. He likes to point out that the year he was editor of the school paper, they won some prestigious award. The year she was editor? Nothing.

My brother is an aerospace engineer, but we got the same math score on our SATs.

One of my grandmother's (dad's mom) best friends is the aunt of Robert Sean Leonard. Doesn't do much for me now, but back in the day, when Swing Kids and Dead Poets Society were my absolute favorite films ever, this was a really exciting tidbit to learn of.

My great grandfather's (dad's mom's dad - the Russian Jew) left Russia because of the pogroms.

My mom has performed at Carnegie Hall.

My dad published a book, not that you'd ever want to read it (it's about corporate credit and collections).

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