03 November 2007

Day 3

While Jen had some good ideas for what to write about (expect a 30 things people would be surprised to know about me list around the big 3-0 in january), I think I'm going to write about my family. There are so many stories, ones I've been witness to, others I've heard about. A lot of the tales are truly amazing, and some are hysterical.

To start, My family is all pretty much immigrants. Mom's side is 100% Polish (and roman catholic), which means she has 52 first cousins. Her father was born outside of Warsaw and came over in the 1920s, while her mother was born in Detroit but her mother's parents were from Poland, the south part of the country I think. Dad's side is a mix - he has two Scottish grandmothers, a German grandfather, and a Russian-Jewish grandfather. Dad's family all ended up in Brooklyn where he was born and raised till they moved to Jersey in the late 50s. Basically, there is only one of my ancestors (a great-great grandfather) who was in this country before the 1890s. I'm proud of this fact for whatever reason, I think it's really neat.

For today, I leave you with this: My grandfather (dad's dad) is turning 90 next month. He's always been a bit of a character, but as he gets older, he's starting to lose his sense of what is proper, and we had a stunning example of it a few months back. My uncle was visiting from Florida, and he went with my grandparents to the dining room at their retirement home to have dinner. It was a friday, and while the wait staff is usually in white and black with neckties and all, on friday's the get to dress down. Grandpa tells the hostess "I like when you all dress down. I bet you'd look good dressed down to your bra and panties!" My uncle practically crawled under the table from embarassment and later calls my dad to tell him the story. Dad said grandpa was in the backgroud yelling about he couldn't understand why what he said was wrong, how it was a compliment afterall. We are all equally mortified but at the same time, (a) it doesn't surprise us that grandpa is turning into a dirty old man and (b) we find it flipping hysterical. While I want to apoligize to that poor hostess, I also want to ask her if she was able to keep a straight face.


Jen said...

You are so lucky to still have a grandpa, even if he is a dirty old man. ;) I never had a grandpa and my son doesn't have one, either.

I do hope that the hostess thought it was funny... because it was *snicker*

Katie said...

it is pretty cool still having a grandpa. i still remember one of my great-grandparents, so i kind of hope at least one of my grandparents hangs around long enough for natalie to remember them.