30 November 2007

Day 30 - Ta da!

I made it! I blogged every day for a month. I made it through the saga of my family, the good, bad, funny, and ugly. Hope it was fun to read, and it was a good thing for me to get everything down. I hope to get more stories on digital recording from my grandparents when we are there next weekend. Maybe I can get on record grandpa's impression of the gossipy immigrant grandmothers that lived in their building in Brooklyn when they were first married in 1946...his sense of humor hasn't changed in 90 years one bit.

Our family is pretty ordinary, but still, there's a lot of good people. As cliche as it is, I've come to appreciate these people more, the decisions they've made, and how they've treated me through the years as I've grown up a part of this wacky clan. I think Jim think's we're all a little nuts sometimes, especially when conversation at family dinners inverably turns to bathroom habits and jokes about grandpa and pooping and trying to make mom laugh so hard she has to excuse herself between giggles to go pee lest she lose bladder control at the table. But that's just who we are and I love everyone of them.

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