04 November 2007

Day 4

Some more about grandpa -

He grew up in Brooklyn and was a bit of a ladies man. Back in the 1930s, he and a friend shared a 1929 model A with a rumbleseat. They used to cruise the city picking up women. The story goes that he always took the girls to church with him on Sunday, but it was pretty much always a different girl. How he ended up with my prudish grandmother, we may never know. She was a girl at the church he and his family went to, so I think they knew each other for years. Grandma was a flaming redhead and quite a looker in some early pictures we've seen of her. Anyway, my mom has a whole cache of jewelery from my grandfather. It's things he gave to other girls who gave them back when they broke up. Like a really pretty amythyst ring mom wears a lot. Since grandpa and grandma had two boys, and grandma refused to wear jewelery that had been purchased for another woman (scandal!!), I think grandpa was excited when dad got married and he had a daughter-in-law to give the jewelery to.

Grandpa was also in the navy (lots of stories there), and rumor has it there was a nurse when he was stationed in Hawaii (after Pearl Harbor, when nothing happened in Hawaii for the rest of WWII). He won't talk about it, but we're hoping grandma dies first so we can get the story out of him after she's gone.


Jen said...

SOMEONE's gotta get those stories out of him! My dad died before we heard many of his Air Force stories - i wish I had recorded them, or convinced him to write them down. My uncle wrote down some of his Navy stories and they are really a treasure.

Katie said...

yeah, i think at his 90th birthday dinner next month i'm going to make sure my dad brings his digital recorder so we can get some of grandpa and grandma's stories recorded for posterity.