05 November 2007

Day 5

So grandpa. He was in the navy during WWII. He worked in the optical lab on a "mother ship" - the ship that submarines came to and from for supplies, information, etc. (probably not the proper naval definition, but how it was explained to me by him). First he was stationed in Bermuda. Rough, ya know? The most treacherous thing they did was go scouting for German underwater mines. But he also played a lot of golf. He worked in the optical lab making and fixing lenses for guns and cannons and whatever other weaponry and scouting equipment needed it. Part of that job included cooking the lenses for whatever reason in the lab's special ovens. One night there was a movie night for the enlisted men. Grandpa and his lab buddies stole a turkey from the officer's mess and cooked it in the optical lab ovens. While it was cooking and the lovely scent of turkey was wafting across the ship, they went up on deck to the movie night and started spreading rumors about the officers setting up this movie for the enlisted guys while they enjoyed a turkey dinner. Then they went back to the lab and feasted.

After Pearl Harbor, their ship was sent to Hawaii. He got to go through the Panama canal which is kind of cool. Again, rumor has it there was that nurse in Hawaii...After that they were going to be sent to the Paciffic theater and they made it all the way to China when the war ended and so they came home. Only casualty on their ship was someone who died while cleaning his gun and it accidentally went off. Grandpa stayed in the navy for a few more years and later worked for the Port Authority in New York, climbing onto ships to do customs paper work and that sort of thing.

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