29 November 2007

Excitement on Day 29


Ok, it's not mine yet, but it is in my driveway, I have a temporary registration, We're taking it by our mechanic at lunch time to get checked out, and if all goes well, we'll be sealing the deal with the dealership this weekend. Instead of being 14 years old, it is onl 4 years old with almost 100,000 less miles on it. We were offered a whole $500 for my car, and I think they felt bad for us and took $250 off the new car price.

Natalie was a champ considering we were at the dealership till almost 10pm, however, she still woke up at 6:45 this morning. I have her down for a morning nap before we go off to therapy, but she hasn't fallen asleep yet. Hopefully some downtime in her crib with books and stuffed animals will be enough to get her pleasantly through the morning. On the flip side, if no AM nap means she'll sleep for 3.5 hours in the afternoon, I'm all for it.


Mac's niece said...

Hey! A new car - that is soooo exciting. That is up there with new shoes, hair do and handbag isn't it! Hope you enjoy every moment of it. We run our cars into the ground too. My husband has a 12 year old car with about 170 thousand on the clock. But he figures it still gets him from A to B. Might be handing it on to the step-son once he gets his license, so we could be in the market for a newer model next year too. Happy driving!!!!

Katie said...

jim's car is 10 with 170K on it, we fiigured with a baby it was time to have one really good car. besides, if his dies, his job is not far away and there is a bus route he could take, too. still have 14+ years to worry about natalie driving!!