10 December 2007

22 Months

Natalie, sweet Natalie, yesterday you turned 22 months old. Every day is a new adventure with you. I used to look at your closet and feel ashamed at my excellent bargain shopping habits that have resulted in a huge wardrobe for you. But lately, we've been having more and more days where you go through at least 2-3 outfits thanks to food, poopsplosions, and your never ending curiosity. We still haven't put up our teeny little 3' tall christmas tree yet because we don't know where to put it that you won't reach it and tear it down. Maybe we'll do some furniture rearranging tonight after you've gone to bed and see if we can come up with anything potentialy workable.

Your vocabulary continues to grow in leaps and bounds, some of your new words are idea, good, nice, and arabesque (your auntie Anne taught you that one). You've started to use thank you (or 'tee-too') with regularity, so combined with 'pees', you've got a lovely politeness going on. You've also started to combine words, so it's 'petzels pees' or 'papa nice' or 'nanee night-night.' We're just waiting for you to wake up one morning speaking in paragraphs.

This past weekend we traveled to PA/NJ for your great-grandpa's 90th birthday. It was so wonderful to see how much joy you brought to their faces as they watched you dance and flirt and play and sing and eat. Somehow the fates aligned so that uncle Bruce made spaghetti with meat sauce for dinner and I forgot to pack a bib. Therefore we just stripped you down and there is no dinner entertainment better than a naked toddler eating spaghetti. You also got to meet my brother for the first time ever. He's been a bit of a jerk the past year and a half or so, ever since he told mom and dad to stop being a part of his life. But he's coming around and was welcomed home for the first time in almost 2 years with open arms. You had him wrapped around your little finger in seconds. He was your companion for the weekend, reading you stories and doing puzzles with you for longer than I ever thought he was capable of. I hope from now on he's more a part of your life than he has been, because you are so special and a little girl that is so worth knowing.


Mac's niece said...

Wow! She has grown so much. Rally glad you had a great family get together... sound like so much fun. So Natalie is nearly two... I bet you cannot understand where the time has gone.

Have you done most of your Christmas preparations? We are putting our tree up this weekend when our 17 year old step son is home for the weekend. It is nice to keep him involved in family events. The little chap has been begging for the tree to go up for weeks. Oh, and I thought this was cute, top of his list to Santa was "hair gel"!!!!

Are you home for Christmas or going to one or other set of parents?

Katie said...

how cute that he asked for hair gel!

i am so not ready for christmas. i think i need to light some festive smelling candles to get me in the mood to rearrange furniture today so we can put our little tree up tonight. then this week i want to go on a cookie baking binge so i can make little goodie bages for some of our neighbors and a platter of goodies for jim to take into his office. i never bake, so it's fun to have an excuse. plus, natalie will help which will be a blast. we head to texas in next week (already?!)to spend 5 days with jim's fmaily for the holidays.

are you all traveling or staying home for christmas this year?