16 December 2007


Am finally feeling like I am in the holiday spirit. Whew! About time considering we leave in 4 days for a whirlwind of holiday festivities in ye olde Texas with Jim's family. We put the "tree" up yesterday if that's what you can call a 3' tall fake tree that is just big enough to put in our front bay window - a true accomplishment in that much rearranging of the furniture was required to keep a certain toddler from climbing into the window to join it. So far she likes to look at the pretty lights and point and say "kissmisteee" which is too darn cute. Ok, not much that she does isn't cute, save maybe the times when she decides it's fun to throw her lunch on the floor.

We had the children's christmas service at church tonight. I'm kind of disappointed, as those of us with kids in the younger than 5 demographic got a letter telling us about the music and the participation etc and how wonderful it would be. Well, it was more reverant that joyous I felt. Not that the true meaning and story behind the holiday isn't sacred and worthy of being revered, but when you call it a children's service and encourage those with toddlers to bring them, I expected more bells! tamborines! carols! hand clapping! noise! funk! The music was beautiful, but other than Natalie imitating the conductors, she was more into flirting with the elderly couple behind us who no doubt were egging her on. Oh well. The natvity play that the elementary aged kids did was priceless and Natalie did have fun at the little punch and cookies reception afterwards, where she found some of her other toddler friends and they ran around together like the wild toddlers they are.

One thing our pastor said as he gave the meditation on Psalm 8 - I should say one thing I remember as I found my mind wandering to my mile long to-do list of everything we need to get or get done before we hit the skies on thursday - was how small we are in the grand scheme of things. He described it as that feeling you get laying out in the middle of a field, far from the city, at night and watching stars. I used to work at a summer camp and my other coworkers and I would do this all the time. It brought chills to me, as those were some of the best times. We would go out late at night (oh, this camp was in the middle of NOWHERE with farms on all sides of the property) and lay on this hillside. Sometimes deer would come sauntering right by us without a second glance. The stars were so bright and the sky so dark you could see the milky way like it was close enough to reach out and touch. I don't know what this means that this memory really got to me, but I think I'd like to find a field while we're in Texas (shouldn't be hard...) and go sit in it. Maybe not at night, but just To Be. Alone. Doesn't that sound peaceful? I think I need a bit of that in all the current craziness.

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