19 December 2007


Today was supposed to be my packing, laundry, and cleaning day. With all that accomplished, I could get up tomorrow morning, not feel rushed, maybe take a run out for coffee or something, sit on the couch while Natalie runs crazy as usual, and at 11:15 we throw our bags in the car and head out to the airport. EHHHH!!! WRONG ANSWER!! Somehow today ended up being that day where I left the house at 9:30 and didn't get home till 4pm. Oh, and that was with a toddler who didn't nap at all, not even in the car ride home (which was longer than it should have been thanks to DC's psychotic rush hour that starts at 3:30 and lasts for 4 hours). So the laundry is only just now getting done, my plans to throw something together out of whatever I could find in the fridge are out the window because I can't even think straight (Jim is off getting gyro's from the take out kabob place around the corner). I'm so frantic about the whole airport with a toddler thing. What if the security lines are horrid? What if the plane is delayed? What if I run out of goodies for Natalie? What if she doesn't nap? Somehow the only thing I'm not worried about is the whole giant tin can up in the sky thing, because if we crash, at least I won't be the one left to deal with the consequences; I'll be dead. Which is why I need to remember one last errand: Good chocolate for the flight. Because if we do crash, it would be a shame to die without enjoying some damn fine sweets. This is also the reason I give for wanting to wear sweats on the plane, but Jim won't let me. I say the NTSB folks checking our bodies won't care what we're wearing, but apparently he wants me to make a good impression on his mother.

And on that note, Merry Christmas!! We'll be back in about a week!

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