27 December 2007

Travel overview

Here's what I've been up to the past week:

  • wondering how many calories I burned wrangling a toddler through an airport and a three hour flight where she didn't sleep a wink
  • being surprised that I only felt slightly queasy upon landing instead of my usual plane-sick self
  • having a car to use at our leisure for the course of the week and not having to rent one as originally planned
  • having a car seat to use all week, too
  • watching Natalie be one of the kids with her big cousins (ages 6, 9, and 10)
  • getting to dish with my awesome sister-in-law about how our mother-in-law drives us nuts
  • laughing at the central Texas dog psychiatry clinic
  • praying I never have to move to Texas
  • deciding that if we end up moving there, I could handle living in Austin proper, but that's it
  • getting a free massage from my sister-in-law's neighbor who is in training
  • feeling like a limp noodle after said massage
  • enjoying sunshine and warm air in the middle of december
  • hating having to go to Sear's to have family pictures taken
  • actually liking how good some of them came out
  • getting to go on a date with my husband
  • having awesome food on said date
  • watching carolers decked out in Victorian-esque outfits run down the street as they were late for their entrance at the production of "A Christmas Carol" at the wee little community theatre next door to the restaurant where we were eating.
  • wondering how on earth a tire RENTAL shop works
  • watching Natalie try out a trampoline for the first time
  • loving on those three wonderful cousins
  • laughing during a family kareoke dance party
  • cooking with my sisters-in-law for the big Christmas Eve family dinner
  • wondering how we ended up doing all the cooking when mother-in-law was so insistant on being the hostess for this meal
  • fuming at how controling my mother-in-law is
  • going to the bathroom sans toddler for FIVE DAYS STRAIGHT
  • cleaning up puke on Christmas Eve
  • waking up to homemade sticky buns in the oven on Christmas morning
  • watching the cousins get more joy out of giving than getting
  • having a baby who is so loved by her family and spoiled by them
  • packing a box of toddler loot to ship home as it didn't fit in our luggage
  • flying home with a sick toddler
  • praying the puke didn't make another apperance on the plane
  • thanking God the puke waited till we got in the car at the airport
  • coming home to a house watched over by a good friend and neighbor who not only collected our mail but left us a plate of fresh, home-made Christmas cookies (and she's Jewish!) for our arrival

And there you have it, our trip in a nutshell. Natalie is still under the weather, we think something she ate really did a number on her and since it was the end of the trip, she was just so worn out by all the fun of being with her cousins she couldn't get over it. I think the combination of being so behind on sleep (the cousins kept her energy levels at 11 all week) with being sick has inhibited her ability to get over this bug. She did eat some bland oatmeal for dinner last night which stayed down. We'll see how today goes. Our big plans include a showing of sesame street between naps. Crazy, eh?


Jen said...

yes - I pray I never, ever have to live in Texas, either (which is also where *my* MIL lives).

Glad you had a good time and hope that Natalie is feeling up to snuff soon. Hope your sesame marathon went well.

Katie said...

thanks, jen. she's definately feeling better, but not quite 100% yet. we're still on the B.R.A.T. diet till things get a bit more *solid* if you know what i mean...at least she's keeping her food down, she's just not eating near as much as her usual bottomless pit self.

hope you had a good holiday!!