04 December 2007


So I have a new (used) car. It's awesome in so many ways my old car wasn't - I have crazy things like power locks and power windows now and one of those little remote clicker things to lock and unlock the doors. I also have intermittent wipers, a split back seat for trips to Ikea or my parent's house, bigger cupholders, a working overhead light, you know, those little things that make a car a pleasant place to be for a 3 hour road trip over the holidays. Most of all, I no longer have an engine that sounds like it resides inside a giant tin can. Plus, the new car has a pretty silver paint job - no scarred bumpers from my time living in the city with only street parking, or the big scrape and dent I got by some jerk in the groccery parking lot who didn't even leave a note to say sorry.

Somehow, I've gotten sentimental about saying goodbye to my old car. I got it over winter break my last year of college. It took me to my best friend's wedding and was where I bawled my eyes out afterwards because I knew our friendship would never be the same (he was a guy...even weirder I had a dream about this wedding the other night). It gave me a bit of freedom I never had before - I could go 100% off the dining hall since I no longer had to worry about bumming rides to the groccery or having to pay at the expensive place that was walking distance. I also no longer had an excuse not to workout on cold, rainy, snowy days - I could drive to the gym all the way across campus instead of having to brave the elements for the 20 min walk.

This is the car that moved me from my parents house to my own place down in DC, that I did wedding planning errands in, that brought Natalie home from the hospital. It had visited friends and gone on vacation to Vermont, New York, Jersey, Virginia Beach, and the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I smooched boys other than Jim in this car. Even though the tape deck hadn't worked for a few years, I still had a collection of mix tapes in there, many of them from ex-boyfriends. So many memories, so many changes. I just didn't think I'd be so sentimental about such a clunker of a car.

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