14 December 2007


How come my husband can hound me every single fucking night about how "we" need to go to bed early and catch up on sleep yadda yadda yadda, yet somehow I'm always in bed before him and he rarely joins me before 11:30? Then the next day? Same story all over again. I just love how he uses the royal "we" for something that is his problem - this usage isn't just for bedtimes, but on the state of the kitchen that "we" need to clean (this time "we" means Katie), or that trash that "we" need to take out (this is his sole chore), or things "we" need to do with Natalie that just happen to need to take place during working hours Mon-Fri. But tonight? Guess who has been in bed for an hour, the one night he could stay up late because I'm the one who gets up early with Natalie anyway every Saturday (and Sunday...) while he sleeps in. He doesn't know how good he has it. My therapist even told me I should consider going away for a weekend ALONE just so he can see what it's really like. I still probably have to be the one to clean up his messes when I returend, so I'm not sure yet if it would be worth it.

So many thoughts, so many half started posts, but this is all I've got for now...We leave for holiday travel in 6 and a half days. I'm excited and terrified. Oy.

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Jen said...

you have the royal we at your house, too!!! well!!! Congrats! I really have come to believe that it is nothing but a form of passive-aggressive behavior, the inability to communicate directly and say something like "Honey, the cat box needs cleaning. will you do it? Or should I?". Or people should draw straws or slips of paper. But this "we need to" thing really gets stale, doesn't it?

I too have hesitated on the whole go away and leave spouse with the kid thing for the exact same reason as you give. I may enjoy myself when I'm gone but I'll have 2x as much work to do when I come home - is it worth it? it's also part of the reason why I hesitate to let her do all of the cooking, laundry, etc - because I'll end up doing all of the cleaning anyway. she doesn't see it as part of the package and she truly believes it when she says "but I did most of the clean-up! That's better than none!" - yes, but it still means that I have to finish the job for you!

Just do something 100% just once!!!

Argh. Sorry but I wanted to say: I totally feel your pain! I think that you should refuse to get out of bed in the morning.