09 January 2008

23 Months

Holy shit, my baby is turning two in just one month! How did this happen? It's crazy!
Sweet Natalie, you are such a doll, but also such a toddler these days. I think hanging out with your cousins at Christmas made you think you were a big kid because you've all of a sudden turned into a Kid. You are opinionated, willfull, and determined. Man, are you determined. Sometimes you are screeching because you can't get your socks off, but if mamma helps, well, you turn into a banshee of discontent. Yikes. Sometimes, I do crazy things like put on my pants which you feel is outlandish and unnecessary and will scream untill I take them off or I manage to distract you, which ever comes first. I'm getting better at distracting you and redirecting your attention, which I've been told is the way to go. But there's definitely a learning curve for both of us.
And you can be such a crankopotomus to the point where I'm ready to hang you out the window by your ankles, when you pull some major cuteness out of your ass and make me crumble into a blubbery pile of mamma love. You've started to pretend more. One day you found a box lid, laid an old cloth diaper in it, put your baby doll on it and covered her up, then proceded to "shhhhh" and sing soft little lullabyes to her. And your baby doll is a girl, but her name is Jimmy. I wonder if you picked that up from your grandmother over christmas who still calls your dad Jimmy sometimes. Today we had our first winter semester music class and it was such a joy seeing you interact with the other kids and Miss Liz your teacher (who you told me you were going to give a hug, but then you got all shy when we got to class). It's amazing how over the past 6 weeks since the last fall semester class, what you learned has had time to soak in and stew in that little brain of yours. You were so much more into the class, picking up on what we were doing and the motions Miss Liz was showing you. I'm so excited as it feels like you are learning so much every single day.
Natalie, I love you more and more to the point where I wonder how full my heart is going to be when I'm writing about your 18th birthday, and how am I supposed to have any room in there for anyone but you. You are so precious and such a gift, we love you and cherish you can look forward to helping you grow up into a really awesome big kid and beyond.

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