29 January 2008

Busy day

This morning we visited the nursery school Natalie will be attending in the fall. It's a co-op, she'll be there 2 days a week for 2 hours, totally low key, with an emphasis on learning through play. It seems like a really great community of parents and teachers and kids, and she had a blast being with the other kids for an hour with new toys and a train table and everything. But without coordinating it, two of my mom friends from play group were also visiting this morning. Kind of funny, but not surprising since we all live in the same general area as the school and are intersted in it. Syliva is 100% in on sending her son there and we've requested that they be in the same class if possible. Deb is on the fence about it since she's trying to get her daughter into the local Waldorf school. For one morning a week. And Deb would be with her the whole time. And it's about 4x the cost of the co-op. You know what my decision would be if I was in her position.

Anyway, I got to thinking as I was telling this all to Jim over the phone. His coworkers, a fun, young bunch, were popping in to see what his lunch plans were as they all wanted to go out some place. I never had that at my office. I worked with mostly older (my parents age) and mostly male coworkers. The few young girls there were just not my type. We would occasionally go together to get lunch, but then we were dorks and would eat at our desks. We never went out afterwork, as some were parents and of those who weren't, we all lived in different directions so it got complicated with catching public transit or carpools and such. A place I temped at (a theatre in DC) for a month a while ago was pretty cool - young, hip, artsy. I felt I fit in there pretty well, but then as I remember back, there was also a pretty big contigent of those young, hip, artsy types who were gay and partied hard at gay clubs, or just partied hard. Little wanna be hip artsy me went to church every Sunday and can only party so much if you get my drift. Kind of made we wish I had had an office experience with a gang of people I really felt I fit in with.

Then the warm fuzzies came: I have that RIGHT NOW. My job is "mom" and my coworkers are other mommies as we brave the world of babies and toddlers together. Being with Deb and Sylvia this morning, meeting other parents at drop-off who seemed like people I could be friends with, going for coffee and discussing pros and cons of nursery school afterwards, checking in with Deb whose daughter was having an uncharaceristically early in the day melt down - these are my coworkers. This is the gang of people I fit in most with, and I love these ladies. We share our triumphs (he finally eats vegetables!) and our frustrations (she runs away from her father when he comes home from work), and help each other work these things out.

To Deb, and Sylvia, Chanin, Sarah, Alice, and all the rest, we rock!

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