06 January 2008


My heart aches today for Deb, my neighbor with the daughter three weeks older than Natalie, who has become so much more than a neighbor in the past 2 years. She's a friend, an ear, a sarcastic sense of humor. We always offer to pick things up for the other - I don't know how many times I've come home from the groccery with a vegetable or box of tea that's not for me and vice versa - and I know in a pinch I can count on her for help with Natalie. And Natalie loves her too. It's been such a healthy and supportive relationship that I'm so thankful for.

Things weren't happening naturally for baby #2, so she sought counsel from a fertility specialist - best in the DC area. After her first round of fertility treatments and intra-uterine insemination (I think this is the correct term, we've just been refering to it as the turkey baster incident), she found out today that she's not pregnant. I know she's struggling with how far do we go to make baby #2, and it's especially hard since baby #1 came easy-peasy on the first month off the pill. She's going to be 42 this spring, so that clock is ticking. I just ache for her and the decisions and thoughts whirling around in her head. Perhaps we'll just have to have margarita's this week at playgroup, since her new ability to consume alcohol again is about the only good thing in her life right now.

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